Benefits of a Syklo account

Modified on Fri, 15 Mar 2024 at 04:42 PM

¡Free! Syklo does not charge commissions, dollarize your savings at the best price.

Syklo does not charge a fee for brokerage mediation, exchange rates are defined by independent liquidity providers, Syklo economically incentivizes these providers to offer the best prices. 100% of the trading profits are allocated to the exchange participants.

¡Borderless! Send your dollars instantly and free of charge to anyone inside and outside Syklo.

Transfers to other Syklo users and users outside Syklo are free of charge. To send funds to another user, only the beneficiary's email is required. To send funds outside Syklo, the USDC wallet deposit address of the beneficiary on the Stellar network is required.

Your information is private. We do not share your information with any agency.

We respect how you manage your tax information. Syklo does not share your transactional information with any tax agency. You must seek advice from a trusted professional to fulfill your civic commitments in the most accurate way.

Unseizable funds. Custody is yours, no one else can access your funds. 

Syklo operates under Air-protocol; your funds are encrypted with your private key and, in turn, over-encrypted by a 6-digit PIN. The PIN is not hosted on any Syklo server, it is used to place the funds being traded in a guarantee deposit. When both parties to the deal have fulfilled their duty, the contents of the deposit are transferred to the legitimate user.

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