How to use Rootstock in Syklo P2P WebApp

Modified on Wed, 17 Apr 2024 at 08:18 PM

Rootstock, the first and oldest Bitcoin sidechain, is now listed on the peer-to-peer decentralized exchange Syklo, allowing hundreds of users to spend or acquire tokens from the Rootstock ecosystem.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to operate Rootstock tokens in the non-custodial Syklo wallet.


Syklo can be used from almost any device with access to a web browser. The registration process is simple and quick, completed in less than 120 seconds. In Syklo, it's possible to spend or acquire Dollar on Chain, rBTC, and even USDRIF without directly connecting your wallet, retaining manual control of the transaction at all times.

Syklo - Non-custodial USDC Wallet. Obtaining Tokens - Withdrawal Function

Step 1. Inform Syklo from which deposit address you will spend or receive your tokens, for example, rBTC.

Step 2. From the list of available payment methods, select the desired currency or method.

Step 3. Set a unique tag for your payment method and configure the payment details.

Note: For convenience, in Syklo, RBTC is quoted using the US dollar as a reference. It is recommended to use the Defiant wallet to carry out transactions. (Although the payment method is identified as 'Defiant rBTC,' it is possible to use the preferred service, wallet, or provider).

Step 4. Navigate to the buy/sell menu. (Make sure the Trader mode is off).

Step 5. Select your payment method. Then, indicate the amount of funds you want to exchange and click sell. Review the offer details.

Tip: You can see all available offers before making your request by visiting the ad explorer at Syklo Explorer.

Step 6. Hold down the 'Accept' button for a few seconds and wait. Your counterpart will be notified. When your counterpart accepts the exchange, the transaction status will update from 'Pending' to 'Accepted.'

Step 7. When your counterpart sends their rBTC, the transaction status will update to 'confirmed.' Confirm the receipt of funds in negotiation so your counterpart can receive the Syklo balance as payment.

Note: First, receive the tokens in negotiation - rBTC in this case - and then release the payment to the seller.

About Syklo

Syklo is a non-custodial USDC wallet built on the public repository of the Air protocol, accessible from almost any web browser. It facilitates the exchange of fiat and crypto assets easily, securely, and at low cost between individuals who may not even know each other, through smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain.

Operating since 2021, Syklo aims to connect local financial systems and be the preferred bridge for fund transfers between different banks, payment platforms, and cryptocurrency wallets.


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